Gemma’s W Trek traveller diary

Gemma travelled to Chilean Patagonia the final week of April to hike the famous W trek [by Cascada Expediciones], the classic trekking adventure along the scenic mountain paths of Torres del Paine National Park. She was accompanied by American filmmaker Tino, Chilean photographer Sergio, Patagonian guides Eduardo & Pablo and a great team of trekkers from Australia and Hong Kong. Believe or not they enjoyed a record week of sunshine and no wind. 
They may not have had to battle the weather but the team were not short on adventure as they made their way on foot across 76km/47mi of the national park, hiking through stunning Autumn landscapes past snow capped peaks, herds of guanacos and the occasional puma print! 
We’ll publish a new chapter of Gemma’s diary everyday for the next 8 days (she squeezed in one extra day on the 7 day trip). Stay tuned for her daily account of the ever changing scenery, glacial swimming, a mini avalanche, ghost stories and jenga games by the fire. Start your journey here...